Custom Usertitle

You must provide the image/text you want as your usertitle. 136px x 21px MAX
Custom Username Effect

Specify what you'd like. I can add things such as glows. I will PM you to let you know if what you want is possible.
Lower Warning Level

This will lower your warning level by 1 stage.
Change Username

You can change your username to anything appropriate. The change will be marked in the Forum Information Compendium
Purchase a guild forum

This can be purchased with points from multiple people. Be sure to tell me who the guild leader is and that person will be appointed moderator of that section. Also list whether you want it private, or public.


All posts will go to Purchasing Items With Points forum. Please be sure to follow this format when posting in the quick reply:

What I want to purchase:
What I want the usertitle to be (if applicable):
What I want the username effect to be (if applicable):
What I want my new username to be (if applicable):
What my guild name is (if applicable):